Since 2007, Kevin has led and contributed to hundreds of projects as a strategic partner, illustrator, designer, art director, and creative consultant. He's worked with local and international clients, from ambitious solopreneurs to multinational brands. He currently lives and works in North Park, San Diego.

In all these capacities and projects, the driving force is always the same: understand the client and their goals, establish project parameters, and attack potential roadblocks to clear the runway for success.

"Measure twice, design once."


"Kevin has become an integral part of the branding of our business... I could not be happier with the work Kevin does and the creative energy he brings to the table..."

Mike Howell

Owner, Barley and Sword Brewing Company

"Kevin knows how to blend his attention to detail and sense of creative adventure with witty comments and a brilliantly positive attitude... He’s an absolute joy to partner with on any creative endeavor."

Katie Estes Lalanne
Instructional Designer, ELM Learning

"Kevin is one of the most thoughtful, skilled and creative designers that I have had the pleasure of working with. ...Kevin is the complete package of impressive design skills and top-notch work ethic."

Rebecca Irby

Creative Director, ELM Learning

"Kevin is a highly talented and extremely creative Illustrator and designer. He produces fresh and creative results, all while keeping time and project budgets in mind..."

Brandon Summers

Creative Director, Lakeshore Learning Materials

"...Kevin is a joy to work with: professional, communicative, and always striving for excellence. His dedication to his craft and easy-going attitude make him an invaluable creative force for any project."

Tara Carone

Art Director, Igloo and Epic Drops, LLC


I ask a lot of questions.

I want the full picture of what's needed and if we're a good fit for each other. All the boring stuff comes first: budget, scope, medium, timeline, etc.

With these parameters in place, we'll get into the deeper questions:
- What are the problems we're trying to solve here?

- What are we trying to say, and who are we saying it to?
- How will the work be used, and where, and how often?

I want to tackle these aspects and dozens of others before they gum up the works and mutate into huge setbacks, costing valuable time and resources to correct. If I've done my job here, a smooth path to the end product is all but inevitable: the single, well-aimed stroke that cracks the problem in half!


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